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How Pride Can Ruin Your Relationship

How Pride Can Ruin Your Relationship

There is a thin line between pride and ego. And when your pride comes between you and your relationships, that can affect your relationship negatively. Strong denial for admitting mistakes is usual, whereas giving credit to others is very unusual in the case of pride-filled people.

Just because of pride, most people become vulnerable, arrogant, self-centered, and toxic. In this article, we are going to unfold how pride plays as a devil in persons and how we can save our relationships by keeping pride aside.

We Start Ordering Instead of Asking for Help:

If someone needs help from somebody, then what they do in general is ask favors from others. If someone is filled with pride, then they won’t see themselves asking for help, rather they would order others to do their work.

If we want to carry on our relationship instead of abandoning it, we should learn to request and respect others and their feelings. Someone once said, “If you want people to respect you, start by respecting them.”

We Take Things for Granted:

Thousands of relationships that fail are because of taking others for granted. People, who encourage pride to get into their relationships, may never appreciate or thank anyone. When someone realizes that whatever they do is taken for granted and is not appreciated for their sincere efforts, it invites anger, dissatisfaction, and sadness into their relationships.

Due to this negativity, people stop making efforts to make others happy and gradually start feeling that such relationships are meaningless. When pride kicks in, we start treating others the way we want to treat them without considering their emotions and feelings because we think that they would not leave us in any circumstances.

We Ignore other’s Needs:

When we share a healthy relationship we unite and believe “what is mine is yours and what is yours is mine,” but when pride comes in that relationship, the concept entirely changes and becomes “mine and yours”.

We become so self-centered that we tend to start forgetting about other’s needs. These issues, if not addressed earlier, may lead to conflicts down-the-line and worsen your relationships. People who are closely bonded with us will always expect that we would stand beside them whenever they need us.

We Refuse To Accept Mistakes:

Why it is so difficult to apologize and accept our mistakes by simply saying, “Yes! I am the one who made that mistake.”

Realizing our mistakes is key to rectification and betterment, but our pride would never allow us to admit our mistakes. Admitting mistakes sportingly and trying to rectify them makes us more responsible and trustworthy.

When we keep denying our mistakes, it diminishes our value in other’s eyes and loses their trust. And nobody likes to rely on you when they can’t trust you.

Pride Makes Us Arrogant and Selfish:

Being proud is nothing but creating our self-image with hype and inflation. It makes the lives of people miserable and unpleasant who share relations with such persons. When pride gets a hold in a relationship, we start speaking or doing such things that we should not even utter or think of doing for our loved ones.

Whenever a feeling of becoming arrogant, argumentative, stubborn, and selfish arises within us, we should ask ourselves, “Is it fair to behave like this? Does this attitude strengthen our relationship?” “Am I going to be content and leading a better life with this attitude?” If the answer from within comes an immediate no or an undermined yes, then we should surely abate our pride, change our attitude.

We Tend to Do Everything To Get Credit and Advantage:

This facet of individuals who are crammed with pride is a bit more cryptic than all other parameters. These people, when doing something for someone, have intentions to get something in return. They do favors to get credit for their work or for getting advantages in return. After the accomplishment of their work, they blast and boost for what they have done.

They would never honor a request if the work does not benefit them, and without any hesitation, they may straightaway deny. Thus, these people do not have any healthy relationships in their life. They have a toxic nature, and people try to keep a distance from such persons.

Thus, if you think that you are also sailing on the same ship, it’s high time to get out of the ship and change your attitude and behavior towards others.

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